Monday, April 2, 2007

Launching stage is near !!

Hi there people in e-land ,

The very much awaited release of AGLOCO's viewbar is at hand !

The company has stated that the viewbar release date was slated for a April release , to be more accurate between the 2nd and 15th of April !

I'm very happy to announce that since i created this blog , i have actualy helped over 50 people with their participation of the community that is AGLOCO !

My total member network now counts a solid 94 members !

I would very much like to invite you to share your thoughts and feelings about the company with other members here !

As i am very sure that this company is headed towards a bright future , we will see much more discussion as the agloco story unfolds !!

Not a member yet ? no problem , sign up => here <= , it's easy and takes less than a minute to do !

Start your own network today , before someone else does !

Respectfully yours ,


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